Jewish Terrorists in Volusia County

Dayonta Beach Florida! North of, has a city called Ormond, Center to Jewish terrorism in the entire united states.

With the help of Volusia County Sheriff Chitwood, They have become a power house for Israeli spy software and intelligence. Day by day they keep on aggravating the nation. all across the united states people are threatening their death! Yes they are threatening to kill them? I wonder why…

Well let’s take a look at the facts. Volusia county was the death center for TikTok star Ali Spice, with over a million followers, she was lost to the ludicrous nature of the road system here in Daytona.. The roads are tremendously horrible and drivers are absolutely ludicrous…
But no, this sheriff doesn’t do anything to fix up the roads… He’s only happy to get media coverage on how he is extraditing non threats from their homes that are threatening harm online!

Lol! he’s an online bully! He’s literally the guy that reads something that bothers him and goes to your house to fight you… Bringing these so called “criminals” into our city!!! Are you kidding me.. Go fix the roads! we would still have our beloved Ali! You monster. Her blood is on your hands!

That is just the tip of the iceberg. The Israeli jews have implemented a Spy program with shitheads name on it as if he was the one that wrote the software, but him, being an Israeli Jewish tool, he doesn’t realize or understand even 5% of the technologies in a software that he just helped roll out & implemented county wide. He was so happy to implement, as they played him like a drum and got this treasonous software in place…
What is the software? ahh, its a camera monitoring system that allows businesses and home owners to register their cameras for security.. nice.. yes if it were only an American piece of software! however the Israelis are using it to spy on you and your families..

This guy is a true criminal! It is absolutely abhorrent to see someone extradite criminals into our city whilst he ignores most of the problems in this city. From corrupt officials to Meth heads roaming the streets, to fentanyl epidemics in the county!!! Weed laced with fentanyl is all over this city!

What a child that has never seen or been recognized for anything. having the JEWS (rabbis blood sucking little children’s penises) as his friends causing propaganda across the entire USA..

Not here brother.. not here, you and your friends have robbed clean money! and that is a story for another day!

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