The 70 Pharisees

hmmm… so those people.. uh those people, the chosen ones. I see.

wait a minute? the chosen ones? not the 70 pharisees.. NO not them… The seventy liars, the seventy snakes, those, those people are not chosen at all.
They have originated from a cult in Babylonian times, as they were mixed in with the trash of the times. They, to this day, have caused major harm and damage to our societies.

One of their biggest atrocities to humanity was the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. They have gathered and conglomerated together to kill your beloved Jesus. They took him through roman courts with false accusations and got him whipped and tortured to the point of getting him killed on a cross for your sins.

See they are a tool of the devil and have been successful at walking through and finalizing the prophecies. That is the mystery. however till this day their descendants and families make sure to keep pushing the same devilish agenda.

So no, these are not the chosen people of the bible, these are pedophilic and law breaking Jews. they cause harm to everything that is good to humanity due to their shames of past years. 2000+ years of shameful and sinful behaviors that have been swept under the rugs.

And that is where I come in to play.

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